“You don’t want to lose something because you decided to have a second cup of coffee.”

I have noted before the irony of finding our past when building our future. Here in New York one often sees well-preserved advertisements on the sides of buildings for products and services that no longer exist. For Sam’s Snake Oil Cream dial Pennsylvania-72000. Often this happens because an adjacent building, that protected the signage, has been torn down leaving the ad exposed for all to see. Yesterday’s New York Times has the story of the archeological race to gather remnants of the December 1862 Battle of Frederiscksburg while the tractors and backhoes are working away at the same time.


  1. Kyle Anderson

    That is quite ironic that we find the past hidden right behind what we’ve set up as the future. Great symbol to show that the past never actually leaves us it’s just there to help make the future even better.

  2. Keith Muchowski

    Kyle, thanks for the comment. It is indeed ironic. I have always found it comforting that remnants of the past are here with us today. It is difficult, too, to know how much of the past to hold on to and how much to let go. A friend and I intend to take photographs of various signage here in Brooklyn but have not yet done so. Here are some cool ones from Forgotten New York, which is a great website for all things old here in Gotham: