The new Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

Hey everybody, it is Sunday morning. The Hayfoot left for work awhile ago. I’m sitting here having my Sunday coffee. Things are returning to a semblance of normalcy here in Gotham. We went to the Barnes Foundation yesterday with our friend Charles. I’m still trying to process the new versus the old Barnes. More in a later post. Actually we had quite the adventure yesterday. We left Brooklyn at 6:15, got on the subway to the transfer point to catch the shuttle bus into Manhattan; at this time there was no subway service across the river because the tubes had been flooded during Hurricane Sandy. Either due to poor planning or manpower exhaustion there were not enough buses and personnel when we arrived at the shuttle still before 7:00 am. Buses were coming one by one to take thousands of commuter into the city. This was in contrast to Thursday and Friday when there was  a significant police and transportation presence during the commute. My impression is that they were not expecting that many people so early in the morning. I give the city the benefit of the doubt; they have been overworked this past week. Still, the pushing shoving easily could have escalated into something worse. That it was a chilly November morning was fortunate; had it been a steamy day in the dog days of August we might might well have had a tragedy on our hands as tempers rose with the heat.

Once on the bus we were texting Charles our progress. We had to catch the Boltbus near NY Penn Station at 8:15 to get to Philadelphia. Once there, things were anticlimactic. The bus ride was uneventful. The one thing worth noting were the LONG gas lines we saw at the rest stops in New Jersey. I’m not sure everyone thought they’d be smart by going to the turnpike gas stations to fill up; if that was their plan, it didn’t work. It is always fun leaving the city for a day trip, especially after the events of the previous week. I have mixed feelings, to say the least, about the relocation of the Barnes from Merion to Philadelphia, but the artwork itself is something to behold. Again, more on this after I’ve had some time to think it through.

Counting our blessings.

(image courtesy of Small Bones via Wikimedia Commons)