Hey everybody,

As I mentioned in my welcome post, it is my privilege to be a volunteer in the Interpretation Division at Ellis Island National Monument.  I confess that at first I thought I was settling because I would have preferred to have been at a Civil War site.  Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I never tire of hearing stories of the 12 million brave souls who passed through the Golden Door.

Each of our national parks is a treasure and it is the NPS rangers who make it so.  If you were to take a tour of Ellis with each ranger, you’d have a solid grasp of Ellis Island’s history and its place in our national memory.

This past weekend was my first anniversary at the island.  I thought I’d share a few pics from the past year:

This is the Main Building. I took this last spring. The immigrants arrived at the same ferry slip visitors use today. I often wonder what they were thinking when they approached.

One Friday last July a senior ranger received permission to take a small group of rangers and this volunteer to islands 2 and 3. What an honor this was.

This is Lady Liberty from one of the old buildings on island number 3. You can practically feel the ghosts.

The million dollar views of the city are an added bonus. I took this on a rainy day last fall from the second floor of the museum.

This is the Great Hall, or Registry Room. One of my small pleasures is to take a few quiet minutes here before the crowds arrive.

January 2011: This is island number 2 (the hospital) after the recent snowstorm.

One year and counting…