I’ve always gotten a thrill from stories of recently found Long Lost Items.  What I love is that by definition the discovery is unexpected.  Someone is cleaning out the attic and comes across the love letters grandfather wrote to grandma from France all those years ago during the Great War.  A guy goes to a garage sale and finds the long lost 78 recording of an old bluesman that musicologists thought no longer existed.  Each discovery adds to the mosaic of our historical and cultural memory and gives us a deeper understanding our history.  This week something extra special has surfaced: 3 ½ minutes of moving images of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  And not just any moving images.  The high quality footage was taken less than two weeks after the 1927 World Series when the American League MVP (Gehrig) and Home Run Champ (Ruth) were on a barnstorming tour.  The 1927 Yankees are considered by many to be the greatest team in Major League history and both men were in their prime during this time.

It’s snowing in New York today, but the regular season is a mere eight days away!