I am sorry about the lack of posts these past few days but I took a few annual leave days this week and have been checking email/internet only intermittently.  We do not yet have internet access (or television) at home, which at least saved me the anguish of watching the Sox historic collapse the other day.  The past few days have been less vacation than working from home.  I am writing an article for an online publication and have spent the last few days concentrating on that.  Yesterday I wrote 1,000 words and cranked out an additional 500 this morning before heading out to my local branch library to check email, etc.  The goal is to write 1,000 words this evening and work on the draft over the weekend.  Still, it is not all work and no play.  A friend and I are going to the Bronx Historical Society tomorrow for the final weekend of this.

I will be back on Monday with more posts and will certainly let you know if/when the article is indeed picked up.

Have a good weekend.

PS–Rooting for my old hometown Rangers now that the Sox are gone.