Hey everybody, it is Sunday evening.  I hope you had a good weekend.  I went to Greenwood Cemetery this morning, where I took these photos on my cellphone.  The leaves have not yet changed but the smell of fall was very much in the air.

We recently bought a used iPad 1 and I spent a good chunk of the weekend downloading various apps, syncing them with my Mac Air, and learning how to use them.  Becoming more technically proficient has been one of my goals for 2011.  I downloaded Dropbox, Evernote, and GoodReader, among other things.  I wanted to get these three in particular because I have a number of projects coming due and want to maximize my efforts.  If anyone has any productivity tips, feel free to pass them along.  It hasn’t been all work, though.  I subscribed to the NFL radio package and am listening to the last few minutes of the Packers-Vikings game as I write this.  We downloaded some Buddhist apps for the Hayfoot as well.

Have a good week.