Hey everybody, this is the 250th post here at The Strawfoot. It is one of two milestones: I began the blog one year ago this past Saturday. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. When I first began I was typing on an old pc and we did not yet have internet access or television in our home (still no tv). To get online I had to sit on a stool in the corner to piggyback off our neighbor’s wireless, with his knowledge and permission I hasten to add. Now I’m typing these words on my Mac Air as I sit here listening to Simon & Garfunkel with a cup of coffee beside me. Before I began I did not even know the elementary aspects of how to start a blog; I relied on the expertise of some colleagues at work. Learning more about technology was an explicit, if secondary, purpose for my blogging. I reached a point where I felt the world was starting to pass me by in some ways. I still have much to learn, but I feel I am getting there.

The main purpose of The Strawfoot was to engage more actively in the Civil War sesquicentennial. Blogging has forced me to think harder and examine my thoughts and presumptions. Friends and relatives will give us a pass when we misspeak or say something with which they disagree. Do that on the internet, especially about a subject as closely examined and emotionally charged as the American Civil War, and people will call you on it. There is very little comfort to be found in studying history, which is why some people prefer folktales to the truth. I have tried to be myself and to speak as honestly as I can without succumbing to bathos or narcissism. We owe it to the people who came before us.

The person who I owe the most to is my wife. The Strawfoot takes a great deal of time on a weekly basis and she has been patient and understanding through the entire process. It has been a lifestyle change and comes with its satisfactions. It’s been rewarding watching the statistics increase month by month. I know from reading people’s comments and emails that some readers have been following the entire time. It fills me with humility to know that people make a few out of their busy day to read what I may have to offer. I am looking forward to another fun and productive year.