Union troops pose before Lee Mansion, June 1864

Regular readers of The Strawfoot may remember when I wrote last March about our trip Arlington House and Cemetery. It was my first visit to the site, and as you can imagine it was a moving experience. The Lee Mansion is undergoing extensive renovations and there wasn’t a whole lot to see on the day we were there. Much of the construction entails such glamorous details as new duct work and ventilation. Another aspect of the project, however, is focusing on updating the interpretive experience of the plantation. Visitors are now getting a more nuanced understanding of the house, the grounds, and the people who lived, worked, and died there. The story of Arlington House is a fascinating one and is something we are only just now beginning to understand in its entirety. The Park Service is currently collaborating with Arlington National Cemetery (which is run by the U.S. Army) to offer a number of unique programs at Arlington. Here is a brief clip from one.

I haven’t been back to Arlington since that visit almost a year ago, but I imagine things are progressing. I am looking forward to getting back when construction is complete.

(image/National Archives)