Hey everybody, a friend of mine is in town and I am playing tour guide. Saturday we are going to Ellis Island. I have not been there since the reopening of the renovated gallery spaces last year. My friend is excited because her grandparents came to America through Ellis at the turn of the last century, from Russia. The woman who would eventually become her grandmother made the passage by herself when she was all of sixteen. Soon thereafter she met the man who would become her husband, and they built a life for themselves. Tomorrow we are taking the Long Island Railroad to visit the cemetery where they now rest. I never tire of hearing stories of the brave individuals, each of the twelve million with his or her own story, who passed through the Golden Door.

Next week I will post with a review of the new Ellis Island exhibits.

Speaking of Ellis, if you are reading this and are a teacher be aware that the National Park Service is collaborating with Scholastic for a live webcast on Thursday 29 March at 1:00 Eastern Time. The program is free and will run approximately 35 minutes. Register here.