original Ellis Island graffiti

Hey everybody, it is Sunday morning. We are relaxing with our coffee and Ravi Shankar on the record player.

Last week when a good friend of ours was visiting from San Antonio the two of us visited Ellis Island. I made certain to point out the original graffiti written by the immigrants all those decades ago. Waiting in long lines, stressed individuals left a record of themselves on the walls of the immigration depot. During the renovation in the 1980s these marking were discovered and some, now behind plexiglass, were left for posterity. It is my favorite part of the museum. During a recent renovation of Constitution Hall in Topeka workers discovered graffiti dating back to the days of Bleeding Kansas in 1855. I am always captivated by these tangible remnants left by those who came before us. They are reminders that those who came before us were real people, not just stories in a book.

Enjoy your Sunday.

(image/National Park Service)