It is a little anti-climactic when your favorite baseball team has its home opener after beginning the season 1-5 on the road. Nonetheless, today is the Red Sox first home game of the 2012 season. They began playing in Fenway in 1912, the same week the Titanic sank and seven months before Woodrow Wilson was elected to his first term. We do not have a television set, but I signed up for MLB TV this year and have been watching and listening to ball on my computer and iPad. I enjoy listening on the radio more than watching on tv; thankfully, MLB TV gives you both options.

As I said the other day, I have been taking some time off this week. I visited the Skyscraper Museum on Wednesday and yesterday went to Mercantile Library before meeting the Hayfoot for lunch. She is off today after coordinating consecutive nights of public events at the UN. It is a beautiful spring day. In a while I’ll probably go sit on our patio, listen to the Sox and Rays, and finish River of Grass.

Enjoy your weekend.