It is Sunday morning. I am having my coffee and listening to a cd of Gregorian chants we bought at the Cloisters. I am headed to Greenwood in a bit before coming home to get some work done. This small piece about islands two and three at Ellis came through my inbox. One of the highlights of my time there was when one of the senior rangers received permission to take newer staff over to these islands that the public cannot yet visit. The Save Ellis Island group has done great work over the past few years giving tours and raising the funds necessary to renovate and open the WPA-era Ferry Building. It is a daunting task, but SEI and the Park Service are now working to open more structures in the coming year. The best source on the hospitals at Ellis Island is Lorie Conway’s Forgotten Ellis Island and its accomapnying film. There are layers and layers of history in New York Harbor.

Enjoy your Sunday.