It was a beautiful day at Governors Island today. Here are a few photos I took, all with my cellphone.

I took this from the dry moat in Fort Jay. It is classic Vauban-style fortification. I could not tell for certain, but I believe this a reproduction of the fifteen star flag in use during the War of 1812 . This would make sense given the history of the island.

Here is a closer look. I am going to ask about this next week.

The shadow of a Rodman gun pointing at Lower Manhattan atop Fort Jay..

The only place better than Fort Jay to get a million dollar view of the New York City skyline is Castle Williams. The forts worked in unison with others in New York Harbor to protect the city. Note the new World Trade Center rising on the left.

The Statue of Liberty, also from Castle Williams. Tours to the roof are free but ticketed due to space limitations. If you come to the island it is worth taking the time to do this. The views are breathtaking and the interpretive rangers do an amazing job explaining the history of the fortress and the island.

This is looking directly backward toward Fort Jay from the same spot as the photo above. You cannot see Fort Jay through the trees; if you look above the white building however, you will see the flag. The white building was the Coast Guard library. The CG left in 1996.

The sink is not from the Civil War period; when Confederate prisoners were housed at Castle Williams there was no running water. Yes, the bars indicate that this was indeed a jail.

Brooklyn from the ferry heading back at the end of the day. You can see the east tower of the Brooklyn Bridge on the farthest left.

Summer is underway.