I am getting organized again after being away for the past week. Earlier I went for a walk in Greenwood Cemetery, making sure to take advantage of the shade in these heat wave conditions. There is an interconnectedness between the two places; so many soldiers who fought at Gettysburg are now interred here in Brooklyn. You see it if you know what to look for. We really luck out at Gettysburg last week with the temperatures. When you are there all you want to do is get out and explore the nooks and crannies of the battlefield. Intense heat is not conducive such activity. The entire week we were there the temperature could not have gone above 80, and with low humidity. We left bright and early yesterday morning and it was almost ninety, and well over 100 by the end of the day. No, I don’t want that authentic of a battlefield experience, thank you very much.

Going through the hundreds of email waiting for me in my inbox was this piece from the Miami Herald about Governors Island. I am glad the island is getting the nationwide recognition it deserves. It is truly a must see for people visiting the Big Apple. There are layers and layers of history to explore, along with great recreational opportunities. The cat is already out of the bag among New Yorkers. Attendance has increased year-by-year since opening to the public several years ago. You have three full months left to make it part of your summer.

(image/Manhattan skyline from atop Castle Williams)