David Pearson, 83rd New York

Unfortunately the photo is somewhat small because my cellphone camera was all I had, but I was in Green-Wood Cemetery earlier this afternoon and came across the headstone of Corporal David Pearson of the 83rd New York Volunteers. The 83rd was part of the First Corps and fought in Zeigler’s Grove on July 2 & 3, where Pearson became a prisoner of war. A quick search on Fold3 says that Pearson enlisted on May 27, 1861 and was mustered out on June 23, 1864. It is sometimes lost on us how well into the 20th century many Civil War veterans lived. Pearson applied for a pension on Novemeber 24, 1900 and lived until 1914. This headstone is one of the thousands laid in the past decade by Green-Wood Cemetery to mark the nearly 4,000 Civil War soldiers buried there. Here is the headstone next to the Pearson family monument.

Pearson family headstone