I have been a librarian for fifteen years now. In fact I received  my Masters in Library Science fifteen years ago this week. I graduated in August 1997, interviewed at the public library in New York in September, and moved to to the city that October. The profession has changed more in the past decade and a half than at any time in its history. I still struggle  to grasp some of these changes, particularly  the rapidly changing information technology that is now part and parcel of the profession. If you told me in the late 90s that someday I would be able to check out and download a book to something called an ereader–from the comfort of my living room–I may or may not have believed it. It is a fascinating field in which I learn something every day. Libraries in New Jersey have embarked on a project to make it easier for people to visit area museums, even museums outside the Garden State. They are buying memberships to cultural institutions and making admission available to patrons for checkout.

(Image/William Merritt Chase’s The Tamborine Girl, Montclair Art Museum)