Hey everybody, this is the 400th post here at the Strawfoot.

We are sitting in our living room having our coffee and listening to the Statesmen Quartet. Gospel music on a Sunday morning is one of our small rituals. It varies between the Statesmen, Elvis, Sam Cooke, the Staples Singers, or various compilations I buy here in Brooklyn from sidewalk vendors. Our good friend Sami is coming in a while for breakfast. Sami is also a volunteer at Governors Island National Monument. We met him three years ago just after I met the Woman Who Became the Hayfoot and took her took her there one Friday in 2009. Sami was the one who talked me into leaving Ellis Island across the harbor. I am going to interview and profile him here on the blog in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program released the draft of a report on preservation of the Civil War battlefields. They are seeking public input between now and October 12. The NPS had done an amazing job restoring our battlefields over the last 15-20 years and that work is on display right now during the sesquicentennial. We got gloriously lost last year at Antietam when we ventured off one of the walking trails thinking we’d make our won shortcut. We would have loved to have been at Antietam this weekend but we just couldn’t swing it. We are looking forward to seeing the handwritten Emancipation Proclamation next weekend in Harlem. I haven’t seen anything on it, but I would love to see someone put the Brady Studio images that shocked the nation on display here in New York in 2012 just as they were 150 autumns ago.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Roulette Farm, Antietam National Battlefield