Two of the coolest things out of the 1950s and 60s were Rod Serling and jazz man George Russell. I am not sure what the two have in common with each other–the song does not appear in the episode–but someone in France recently spliced this vignette of Twilight Zone segment “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” to George Russell’s version of “Beast Blues.” Russell played frequently at the Five Spot nightclub, which was on St. Marks Place directly across the street from Cooper Union. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I have always loved that the jazz club stood next to where Lincoln gave one of his most famous speeches. “Beast Blues” comes from an album pianist Russell ¬†recorded there in 1960; the existentialist “Five Characters” aired on December 22, 1961. TZ sometimes used stock footage (as it did in “Five Characters”) though it did often incorporate original music into its scores. Bernard Herrmann, who scored many of Alfred Hitchcock’s films, wrote much of the TZ music. Again, Russell’s work is not part of the original episode, though they do complement each other effectively. Enjoy.