396px-Image068hA few weeks back I mentioned the the passing of Ike Skelton, the recently appointed chairman of the World War One Centennial Commission. To the best of my knowledge, a new chairperson has not yet been selected. In separate but related news, I did note earlier this week that a Director of Strategic Engagement has been appointed at the National World War One Museum in Kansas City. This is significant because the two institutions seem to be working closely together, which makes good sense.

The Great War centennial is something I am going to focus on here on the blog and elsewhere. For one thing, it will tie neatly into my Interp at Governors Island and the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace. I see from the small announcement I came across that the World War One Museum intends to focus on the war in its entirety, from 1914 all the way through the peace process. I hope the Commission does the same thing, though they seem to be leaning more to concentrating on the American angle.

(drawing/Cyrus Leroy Baldridge)