0114commissionlogoThis morning via email I received the program for the “Trade Show” that the The United States World War One Centennial Commission is putting on next week in DC. I cannot tell you how exited and energized I am by the Great War Centennial. I have my hands full with my Hawley and Theodore Roosevelt Sr. projects but I intend to do a lot of Interp and writing on the events of 1914-1918. Volunteering at the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace and Governors Island offers many possibilities. The story of Roosevelt’s role in the Preparedness Movement, his friendship with Leonard Wood, and the experiences of his four sons and younger daughter in the war are a few things I am going to work into my programming.

There was a great deal of WW1 activity on Governors Island, not least the fact that it was from there that Pershing left for France in 1917. There is so much more. When I am at the Trade Show I intend to take lots of photos and to take copious notes.