Roosevelt-Woodruff poster (1898)A post last Sunday included a photograph of Leonard Wood. Behind Wood in that image was a campaign poster that I believed was from the 1900 presidential campaign. I could not make out the wording above each candidate’s head and believed it read “The Governor” and “The Governor.” Woodruff also bore a striking resemblance to McKinley. I was in error about the true provenance of the photo.

Earlier this week political consultant and writer Gerry O’Brien contacted me and let me know that the poster actually was from the 1898 New York State gubernatorial race. Gerry also kindly sent me not one but two images of that poster. There it is above. I would like to thank Gerry again for taking the time to respond and to answer so thoughtfully. Check out the link to Gerry’s alternative history novel, 1901: Theodore Roosevelt, Robot Fighter.