Though as a general rule I don’t post videos created by others, I wanted to share this film that a friend passed along to me. The Fallen of WWII is a breakdown of the 70 million persons killed in that conflict. Neil Halloran is the filmmaker behind the documentary. I read many of the comments and it seems Mr. Halloran sees this very much as an ongoing project, with updates and corrections coming based on viewer input. One thing that seemed ambiguous to me was his statement that the war began on September 1, 1939. A little later though he talks about deaths in Asia caused by the Japanese offensives. Does this mean his numbers don’t include Japanese actions dating back to the early 1930s?

Halloran adds that this could be the first in a series. I would love to see something about the Civil War and WW1 along with a few other conflicts. The film is a little under twenty minutes but it is worth your time. We toss the numbers around too easily. One must never forget the human cost of war.