The week before last I attended an event in honor of my great friend Sami Steigmann. We have known Sami for seven years now; he is actually the subject of the story I wrote for The Wonder of it All, which will be officially released in a few weeks. The event a few weeks ago at the Museum of Tolerance was all about Sami. The audience was a cross-section of the many people whose lives he has touched. Sami Steigmann was born in what in 1939 was Romania. In the crazy-quilt bloodlands that were twentieth century Eastern Europe, the national boundaries changed frequently here; his ancestral home is now in Ukraine. Nineteen thirty nine was of course the year the Second World War began in Europe. Sami spent 1941-44 in the Nazi prison camp Mogilev Podolski. What he has gone on to do with his life is nothing short of incredible. What a great evening it was, and Sami we are going to do that interview once and for all this spring.