index.phpI noted with pleasure earlier this past week that the number of likes on the World War One Centennial Committee for New York City has topped and is holding steady at over 100 likes. That’s pretty good considering that the group is just getting underway. The NYC Committee is actually a sub-committee of the WW1 Centennial Commission and is the only subsidiary of the WW1CC dedicated to a municipality. This is a good thing because Greater New York, in which I am including the ports of Jersey City and that area, played such an outsized role in the war effort. I am not talking just after April 1917 either; New Yorker’s commitment began in that late summer of 1914 and continued through the Armistice and beyond. I know from sitting in on Committee meetings that the group has many exciting things planned for the next several years. This is not the reason I am writing this post, but fyi yours truly has committed to writing a social media post every 7-10 days. I think it manageable; there are so many stories to tell. In case one has never seen it here is the link to the NYC Centennial Committee’s Facebook page. Also, the website itself is scheduled to go live in a few weeks. When it does I will have more.

(image/Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. “Farewell Parade Of U.S. Troops, 1918.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1918.