Another day winds down

Another day winds down.

My college was closed today for Lincoln’s Birthday, which because it fell on a Sunday this year we got the Monday off. I quipped to a student the other day that our 16th president was so great that we get his birthday off ever when it’s not his birthday. I am trying to make the most of these winter days. A small group of us had a productive telephone meeting this morning about this coming September’s Doughboy Day at Governors Island. Mark your calendars for September 16-17. I am involved in some aspects of this but hasten to add that others have taken the lead. I have been taking a step back from some things to work on the Roosevelt Senior book. It was also why I asked my department chair a few months ago if I could step back from teaching this semester. The WW1 documentary is the other big focus, which too seems to be falling into place. It helps when one is collaborating with good people.

Today I wrote 900 words and crossed the 30,000 barrier. I am more than half way there on the draft and feel it is coming together. Throw in doing the laundry and going into Manhattan to run a few errands and it made for a full day. My idea is to put my head down and grind things out over these winter months. I would love to get to 55,000-60,000 by Memorial Day. The days just come and go so fast and if you don’t put in the work the opportunity in that moment is just gone. It has been a lot of toil but I must say I am enjoying it.