I’m listening to it rain as I have my coffee and get ready to start the day.

A few weeks back at the Grant’s’ Tomb visitor’s center a patron asked me where the Amiable Child monument was. I had to confess that I did not know. When I asked one of the rangers they said it was abut 100 yards north on the west side of Riverside Drive. Last week I took a different path to the subway and lo and behold there it was. I found this to be a striking monument, especially when juxtaposed with the imposing Grant’s Tomb just down the street. Apparently this is one of only three private graves in New York City. That this four year old who died in 1797 is down the street from resting place of the 18th president makes the monument more poignant.

I imagine many walkers along Riverside who pass this every day during their daily constitutional think of this as “their” monument, so remote and tucked out of the way as it is. I wonder how many will notice today that the date on it is July 15, 1797.

Enjoy your Sunday.