3 thoughts on “New York ratifies the Constitution, July 1987 postal card”

  1. Marie Zharinov said:

    Jacobus Swarthout is my fifth great grandfather. My paternal grandmother was a Swarthout. I understand that posters were made of this Gerald Foster painting in 1988 to celebrate the bicentennial of this historic event. How would I obtain a copy of this poster?

    • Chris Schmid said:

      I believe the ‘original’ is a mural painted on the wall of the Poughkeepsie, NY Post Office. I saw it when campaigning in the area years ago. You could take a picture of the mural. It depicts, among others Isaac
      Roosevelt, grandfather of FDR, who may have commissioned the mural.

      • Yes, correct on all counts. Isaac Roosevelt is one of those depicted and his descendant FDR, who had a great interest in both philately and family/local history, commissioned the mural. I still have yet to see it but others I know have and have told me it is beautiful. There are other murals in the post office as well.

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