After the World Series of 1927 a barnstorming tour is organized with Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth who appear in the promotional printed in New York City in October of 1927. (Photo by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)

I was having lunch with some folks last weekend when we got on the topic of the extended playoff system. I have found the twelve-team formula more interesting and exciting than I thought I would. Still, I understood others’ concerns that in a short series—3, 5, or even 7 games—baseball becomes a crapshoot. Unlike in basketball where the best teams wins almost all the time, baseball comes down to who is hot at the time. We have already seen more than one team with 100+ regular season wins get bounced out of the post-season. I’ve been enjoying the games, but we can’t really say that we’re watching the best teams at this point of the season. That said, it’s a tough game and you are only as good as you are playing in the moment. That’s why they play the games. Ninety-five years ago today the 1927 Murderers’ Row Yankees had clinched their World Series and its biggest stars were on a barnstorming tour of the Midwest. I love this image on so many levels.