Brooklyn Daily Eagle, February 19, 1929

I am off today enjoying the waning days of spring break. The Mets are playing a get-away game this Wednesday afternoon against the Padres, which I have on the radio. I’m tidying up some notes, moving files around, and poking around in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle while listening to the game. Last week a friend and I went to Albany to take in a few museums. While there we encountered a woman working in a particular cultural institution whose family dates back centuries to the earliest days of the Dutch settlement in New Netherland. I was telling my friend that going to Albany expanded my sense of time and place for New York City and State history. In my newspaper queries I came across this fascinating small article from the February 19, 1929 edition of the Eagle in which officials gave to Governor Franklin Roosevelt deeds dating to the colonial and Federal periods for property owned in Lower Manhattan by his own Dutch ancestors. In an aside, I wrote an article about Isaac Roosevelt for the Journal of the American Revolution in 2019. I love how these things connect and wonder where these two deeds are today.