(Hat tip Susan Ingram)

For reasons that are easy to understand most of the Civil War focus is on the South, which makes sense being that the majority of the fighting took place there.  It is helpful to remember, though, that the Civil War can be found all around us.  Here are a few examples within walking distance of my home.

Major General Henry Halleck

Two of the four Union Generals-in-Chief are interred in New York City.  Halleck is in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery and Grant in Manhattan.  Winfield Scott is just up the the Hudson at West Point.

The dog is a nice touch.

Halleck’s son is next to his mother and father.

William Marcy Tweed

“Boss” Tweed was the political powerbroker who almost derailed Colonel Washington Roebling’s Great Bridge in the 1870s.  Roebling was a staff officer under General Gouverneur Kemble Warren and later married his sister.

Abolitionist and newspaperman Horace Greeley

Upset with corruption in the Grant Administration Greeley ran against the incumbent as a third party candidate in 1872.  Greeley lost in a landslide and died shortly thereafter, but it is testimony to his prominence that he rests atop his own hill.

The pen is mightier than the sword

Three quick stories of my Civil War.  Find yours.