The other day I finally made it to the “Honoring Their Sacrifice” exhibit at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery.

One of the most distinctive items was this Confederate field piece.  It is easily recognizable as such because of the short barrel.  Because raw materials were at a premium in the South during the war the Confederate States of America scrimped by making field pieces with shorter tubes.

There was also this Union piece.  Charles Wainwright, an artillerist in the Army of the Potomac, is interred at Green-Wood.  Wainwright was a favorite of General Henry Jackson Hunt, the dean of Civil War artillery, and served the Union cause throughout the conflict.  He was also the author of A Diary of Battle: The Personal Journals of Colonel Charles S. Wainwright, 1861–1865, one of the best personal accounts of the war.

Trivia question:  What is the only regiment to have three monuments at Gettysburg?

Answer:  The 14th Brooklyn.

Their regimental commander, Colonel Fowler, too is buried in Green-Wood.

Here is yours truly in front of the 14th monument at the railroad cut in Gettysburg.

These headstones will eventually be placed on the grounds, just like the thousands already laid during the cemetery’s ongoing project.

Those of the Prentiss brothers are just two of them.

Clifton Kennedy Prentiss, USA

William S. Prentiss, CSA

The soldiers and sailors monument has also been restored and is another “must see.”

If you intend to go, you had better act fast.  The exhibit ends this Sunday, June 12th.