Hey everybody, I am writing this on my new MacBook Air from a coffee shop on SOHO.  My best friend and I weathered the rainstorm on Wednesday night and went to the Apple Store across the street from the Plaza Hotel.  I was determined, resolute, adamant when I walked in the door to walk out with an iPad 2 but after some deliberation I decided to go in this direction.  I am happy I did, though an iPad is still in my future. It is all part of my future plans for the blog and my research pursuits.  This morning I had a One to One training session at the Apple SOHO location. Being a Mac novice I thought it would be wise to sign up for the twelve month membership of lessons.  An added benefit of entering the blogosphere is that doing so has forced me to improve my computer and technology skills, which to be honest were starting to lag.

Wednesday was a propitious time to enter the Mac world because it marked the six month anniversary of the Strawfoot.  Entering the blogosphere has been an adjustment but I am glad I did.  It has been a process, especially given my technologically challenged condition.  Still, saying I wasn’t proficient with computers just didn’t seem a good enough excuse.  I remember taking a colleague for coffee in early January where she patiently walked me through the ins-and-outs of blogging.  I had done some preliminary research but was still ignorant of a great deal.  Other colleagues provided helpful input as well.  After deciding to move ahead I chose my focus, opened up an account, and jumped in.  It was all somewhat hush-hush the first few weeks because I wanted to get 20-25 posts under my belt before going “wide” and putting it out there on the Web for all to see.  My mantra with the blog is “all in due time.”  I am committed for the long haul and would rather take my time and do things the right way.  The Air and (eventually) iPad are all part of my longer term plans to incorporate voice, video, and social media to my repertoire.  These are all coming soon.  The past six months have been rewarding in ways I could not have imagined and I am looking forward to what the future brings.  Stay tuned.

Opening the box.  This guy was especially helpful.

Hands-on training, literally

Six months, 131 posts and counting…