We had our water…

and our candles.

We had our small torch and reading lights in case of a power outage.

We double-checked the batteries.

We had stocked up earlier, but this was the bread aisle at the local supermarket.

For the first time I believe in history, the New York City subway system–all 722 miles–was shut down in its entirety due to natural causes.  The city did a remarkable job throughout the storm.

We never lost power and used the time to rewatch Abraham and Mary.

Thankfully we had the Iron Brigade on our side throughout the worst of it.

By late Sunday morning we were finally able to get out and get some fresh air.

There were many branches knocked down but this was the worst of it.

The automobiles were not damaged in any serious way.

All told we consider ourselves fortunate.  Wherever you are, if you were touched by the storm we hope you are as well.