I hope you have been enjoying your Labor Day weekend.  As I said yesterday we have been taking it easy.  In a little while we’re going to Little India with friends to have lunch and do some shopping.  I needed a few days to just relax and not think about the Civil War too much.  On Saturday David Blight’s American Oracle arrived in the mail from Ye Olde Online Book Shoppe. I am going to start it tomorrow.  Later this week I’m also going to submit proposals for an article and a conference paper.  This weekend, though, is just about relaxation.

One of my things this year has been buying Civil War Centennial tschoskes online. This is all going to be fodder for a future post, but one of my favorite acquisitions is a baseball card of General Grant from Topps’s Civil War News series.  The graphic nature of some of the cards is jarring.  Here is a short video.

Enjoy your day.