We will never know President James Buchanan’s sexual orientation with 100% certainty, but it would not be a total shock if he indeed turned out to have been gay.  We have had forty four presidents and what would be shocking is if at least one of them were not.  Several years ago certain groups argued Lincoln was homosexual because he sometimes slept in the same bed with other men during his years on the Illinois legal circuit.  The evidence, to put it mildly, was weak; sleeping in such a manner was common practice in mid nineteenth century America, when accommodations were scarce and travellers made do as best they could.  I am sympathetic to the search by persecuted groups in the  search for role models. History, though is about following the evidence where it leads, not making claims one wishes to be true. It will be interesting to see where the Buchanan story goes.  If true, it would add a more nuanced interpretation to Buchanan and his times.