Hey everybody, I am at the Apple store in SOHO.  I woke up bright and early for a 9:00 am personal project session.  It was cold when I left the house.  I am putting together the visuals for my upcoming talk at the Researching New York conference in Albany, which is now less than two weeks away.  I am looking forward to meeting Tony Horowitz, who is giving the keynote.  There is also going to be a tour of the New York State Museum.  Yesterday I had a meeting in the city and afterward I walked around the corner to Penn Station to buy my train ticket.  I have never been to Albany before.

It has been interesting because I bought this new Mac Air in August and then a used iPad 1 in September.  My research interests and technology sessions are going parallel to each other; if all goes as intended they will merge down the line.  Last month I purchased Keynote for both and am going to use the two together during my presentation.  Because one never knows with technology, I am also going to build in redundancy and save it to a flash drive along with a cd.  It is tedious, but I find I enjoy it.

The Hayfoot started a contractual position at the United Nations this week and has been happily but hectically busy.  She is actually there right now catching up on a few things.  With the semester in full swing one takes it a day at a time. It won’t be all work though.  Tomorrow is the Hackensack Toy Soldier Show in New Jersey.  It will be another early morning when I get on the subway to the Port Authority to catch the bus.  This is the big show where everybody blows their allowance.  I have a feeling there will be some troops making the trip back with me.  I will take some photos.

Enjoy your weekend.  And remember to move your clocks back.