Hey everybody, I am sorry about the lack of posts recently but it has been a crazy week.  The Hayfoot texted today lamenting that we have hardly seen each other in the past few weeks.  Alas, all too correct.  Her classes are keeping her busy and her new job at the U.N. is challenging, though rewarding.  I spent the bulk of this evening working on my final draft for next week’s Researching New York conference.  Things are taking shape.  This weekend I will put the final touches on the photographs and then the hard work will be done.  We’re going to try to slow down a little this Saturday and Sunday.

We had a treat on campus today when Pete Hamill was in attendance to participate in a panel discussion.  I have seen Hamill speak several times and what always impresses me is his ability to tailor a talk for the audience and the occasion.  We are fortunate to live in New York and where we get to see and hear people like him on a regular basis.  Living in the Big Apple is something I never take for granted.

Enjoy your weekend.