I got a knock on the door this evening and on the other side was the UPS man with two packages.  In one was our new Fire; the other contained the His and Hers Kindle Touches we’ve been looking forward to.  I’ve spent a good part of the evening configuring them, which is not too arduous a task but a bit of a challenge for yours truly given that this is new to me.  To make the time go, I downloaded the new Pink Martini album, 1969, to the tablet.  I think I have bought my last cd.  Remember buying compact discs in the early 1990s and thinking they were state of the art?  Today the ones still remaining on my shelves look old and tired.  I am speaking at the Researching New York conference in a few days and I think I needed to not think about my presentation for a night.  I am looking forward to taking the ereader on the train to Albany.

Happy Reading.