Hey everybody, it is Friday afternoon and I am in the Albany Amtrak station waiting for the 3:05 back to New York.  I had a fun and productive two days here at the Researching New York conference.  My panel was this morning.  I spoke about the New York Harbor defenses during the Civil War; my co-panelist Bruce Dearstyne gave an informative presentation on the state of Civil War memory and historiography within New York State.  As you can imagine this set off a lively discussion during the Q&A period. I could not agree more with his premise that the Empire State needs more and better Civil War scholarship at the state and local levels.  For myriad reasons, this is not happening to the extent one would like.  New York sent more men and materiel to the cause than any state in the union.  It would be a tragedy if the state’s role in the Civil War were lost in the narrative.  I guess the sesquicentennial is our opportunity to not let that happen.  To be continued.