Hey everybody, I hope you are enjoying your day. Our dinner is in the oven. Earlier in the week the Hayfoot went to a small butcher shop in Little Italy and got a nice roast. I can smell it now. Earlier, after pancakes, I walked up to the bodega and bought a copy of the New York Times. The Times’s annual Lives They Lived is one of life’s small pleasures. The final Sunday of the year the paper’s magazine honors a cross section of people who have passed on during the year. What makes the annual tradition so intriguing is that the paper’s choices are intentionally counterintuitive. Thus Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Russell, and Andy Rooney are not here. Instead one finds marathoner Grete Waitz, fitness guru Jack LaLanne, and Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C Programming Language. The point is to focus on individuals who were not necessarily celebrities, but who contributed to the fabric of their–and our–times in some way. I usually just read two or three a day, all the better to savor between now and New Year’s.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Remember, light blogging only between now and January 8th. Merry Christmas.

(image/Jane Russell, 1921-2011; 1945 photo courtesy U.S. Army)