I have lived and worked in Brooklyn for fifteen years now and still very much consider myself a new Brooklynite. Pete Hamill. He’s and old school Brooklynite. Then there is a Brooklyn that goes back even farther than spaldeens, egg creams, and the Dodgers. This Saturday in Fort Greene the Society of Old Brooklynites will be having its 104th annual memorial tribute to the patriots of the Revolutionary War. I will be at Governors Island this day and unfortunately will miss the ceremonies. I do intend to work it in to my activities throughout the day, nonetheless. It will not be difficult, being that the island harbors (sorry, couldn’t resist) so much colonial history. The Battle of Brooklyn is just one slice of the story. One could be forgiven for not knowing any of this, being as New York did a poor job marketing this aspect of its history in the early twentieth century when Virginia and Massachusetts were doing just the opposite. When we think Revolutionary War we think Boston and Yorktown, not New York City. There are some 11,500 Revolutionary War dead buried in Fort Green Park, many of whom had perished on the infamous prison ships in Wallabout Bay. The 104th annual tribute to these individuals should make for an memorable day.