1623752_796568773696932_4253042670662453745_nIf you are looking for something to do this coming Saturday, here is something special: the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace is hosting Charlie DeLeo. For over three decades Mr. DeLeo maintained the torch in the Statue of Liberty. That meant a 151 foot walk every day more than 2,500 times. Rain, shine, heat, frost. The work had to go on. Talk about a unique perspective on the city, and even the world given the hustle and bustle of New York Harbor. I can’t tell you what a singular experience this should be. And it is free.

We take the Statue of Liberty for granted because it has always been “just there.” It is such a part of our lives that it is easy to forget it is people like Mr. DeLeo who help make it possible. Everyone in the world knows the Lady Liberty.

It is always the right time to visit the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace. Mr. DeLeo’s talk is sure to be one of the more unique moments in the history of this historic site. The contact information is on the side here. There is still time to make your reservation.