IMG_3197Hey all, it’s shaping up for what should be a beautiful weekend. I’ll by doing my first Interp of the year at Governors Island this Sunday. I thought I would share this picture I took last Saturday of people queuing up to get in the Jazz lawn party. To tell you the truth it’s a city-sponsored event about which I have always felt ambivalent. It seems dangerously close to mimicry and cosplaying. But then if others enjoy it then who am I to judge? Most of the party goers are probably unaware of it, and then why shouldn’t they be, but in many ways it was the Great War that made the Jazz Age as we know it possible. The iconography of the 1920s–prohibition, the gangster and flapper girl–all stem from the political and moral failings of the years directly proceeding. It’s something to think about while watching Boardwalk Empire Enough of that though. Just enjoy the weekend.